Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Flavor Fest Recap

So 14 of us headed down to Flavor Fest.  We signed up 15 but one had to pull out last minute.  My boy Gabe DeHoyos got to enjoy the pass over the weekend so it wasn't wasted.

I can't say that I went with many expectations.  I've been hitting Flavor Fest for years and in my early days of going, as a Gospel Hip Hop artist, I went hoping to get heard, to get seen, to share my music.  However, it always seemed as if God had other plans.  Instead of any truly hip hop related things happening for and through me while I was there, every year I'd meet people, connect on very real levels, make new friendships that have lasted and without question, learn something new.  So, I've learned to empty myself of expectations in order to allow God to move.  And this year was no different.

Now, one thing that was on my mind was our worship team, Freedom, who were ministering Friday morning at the conference.  I won't lie and say I wasn't nervous for them, but as far as their talents, I knew God had them covered.  My concern was for them, that they show no fear, that they recognize that God was who they were singing for and that they worship.  I think God was telling them the exact same thing because that's what they did, they worshipped and God moved.  It was really a beautiful thing....I'm including a video of their set at the bottom.

I was also on the panel discussion for church planters and that was a great time as we got to share some of the difficulties of planting churches in urban communities.  Trust me y'all, their are difficulties in planting churches anywhere but planting in urban communities comes with it's own set of unique problems.  And let's not talk about planting in NYC!  For example, I learned how much two fellow planters pay in, about 1/3 of what we do?  And their spaces are huge!  Anyway, enough of that LOL.  We  know and believe God is preparing our new home!  Pray with us on that!

And then finally for me, you'd' think with all the hip hop and ministry and break dancing and DJ expos going on I'd be in hip hop heaven.  And  yeah, I enjoyed some of that...especially the b boy battle (I got some video of that too), but what happened for me personally was conviction.  Of my attitudes, of my grudges and of my pride.  Yeah I left a lil broken and now I'm praying for direction in how to adjust all these things I was convicted of!  Praise God for conviction!

So, if I could give you advice about Flavor Fest...go knowing that you'll get some great workshops, incredible ministry through hip hop and wonderful fellowship.  But also go with a tank of empty expectation so God can fill it up.  He does it for me every year!

Much luv and shout outs to Flavor Fest, Urban D, Crossover Church, my UCN Pastors, Lucy, Lily, Spec! Congrats to Sicily for winning the Beat Battle and to Kellz & Wit on their engagement, Troy and Corey on their awards and Tymmie & his wife for a beautiful time of building and blessing!  Tim from Syntax...that's my dude, always refreshing spending time with you.  I have got to get out to San Diego!  I am sure I'm forgetting people but know that I had a blast, my team had a blast and it was great to hear from them too (we debrief on Sunday at the hotel every year) and learn how God moved for them.

Stay blessed and enjoy the videos below!


Shout-outs FROM Flavor Fest!

B Boy Battle

Freedom Worship Team @ Flavor Fest 2011

Flavor Fest 2011 RECAP
Look for Elements faces!