Thursday, February 25, 2010

Valentine's Day @ Elements...

We've designated February the month of discussions on Love.  On the 14th we just had extra fellowship was great!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sanctuary Fellowship Visits Elements

Also on Sunday, January 31, 2009, the worship team from Sanctuary Fellowship came and spent some time with us.  It was a beautiful time as they just played music and sang songs freely.  By the end of worship, no one wanted it to end.  Jay Cabassa got to sing with them and Melodie sang a song as well.  Beautiful time! 

BIG shout out to Sanctuary Fellowship, Pastor Jorge Martinez, his whole crew and the worship team that came through, Pastor Sal, Manny, Jennifer, Jason and Bert.  Yall can come through ANY time!  LOL

Jayda's Dedication

On January 31st we had the honor of dedicating Jayda Rodriguez to the Lord.  Jayda is the daughter of Josh and Liz Rodriguez. This was our 2nd baby dedication and I had the honor of not only presenting her, but standing in as her God father, along with Jayda's two God mothers, Erika and Christie.  Jayda is so loved!
((If you have more pics, hit me up, I'd love to put them up here!))